Friday, March 19, 2010

My story

Sometimes I find myself wondering why i do the things i do. I'm in high school and wonder why i am in fact in this high school when i call myself Christian. If i am to believe that i am Christian, i accept the bible and everything in it is/are true. Am i to believe that i only have till 2012 to live? that's the year i graduate, what would be the point of all this schooling if it will all be wasted by the worlds end? which arises another question for me, is it possible to live though the end of the world? there are countless ways cultures have said the world will end. which makes me think, can i prepare for the world to end? should i prepare for natural disasters or a zombie invasion? plague? aliens? Or should i simply ignore the warnings around me and live out the rest of my life wasting it to high school. If i am a Christian, i should be spending my time trying to save those around me. with such limited time i wonder if i should just throw my life away and quit school to spread the word of Jesus? Or should i look at preparing for the end and be one of the few who would survive? So many questions, yet no answers. Due to overwhelming sickness and far to much time spent at the doctors office, there is almost a definite chance that i will be held back, which is devastating to me since i have had a 4.0 every year until this one. So i sometimes wonder if i should just drop it all now. i am at the lowest point in my life and do not have many options. it's to late to think i can still graduate. I feel hopeless. If there is anyone who reads this please comment on this and give me some ideas. i will take on anything you could possibly say and anything positive would help.

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